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March 19, 2005
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Always have Juggalo Family... by TaintedMadrox Always have Juggalo Family... by TaintedMadrox
This is dedicated to the psychopathic record compony. The lyrics that insane clown posse, twiztid, abk, esham, darklotus, ect.... have changed my life and made me get threw alot of things in life i couldent have made threw without thier i wonted to make this piece dedicated to them... Thanks psycopathic records Love Jesse James Corbitt much motha fucking clown love
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HarleyHostage Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2010
is this u?
cuz i think i want u now o.o
Torfishette Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
mmfcl and great job on your face man
ACiDxTRiP Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2007  Hobbyist Artist
Chuckelz-bear Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2006
pretty tight work homie

you got skills
tmdarkness Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2005
ive only got one word for it .............sweet
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and once again the madrox pulls another peice of sick wonder and beauty out of his desktop...astounding the crowds with digital manipulation..and sex appeal.....once again madrox as shown that he is the one on the top looking down and sharing peace, love and war, hate from the juggalo family. keep it ya...ya wont hook up with me, but you found a girl like lil two weekends i'll be in mn for a few days packing my shit...the court dates been moved.....i'm hoping to party.....perhapes play a know me.....anyway...much love and kinkiness..... oh cell is gonna get turned back on in about a week...
TaintedMadrox Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005  Professional General Artist
aight kool i just got home i havent been home for weeks iv been at my girlfriends and then i just got back from florida also i love florida it was sooo fun kat but where the fuck are you lol im out going into the world and your not with
i sucks...i hate this place...but i'm taking it lowlife at a time......i got my lip peirced today.....and i'm getting my tat fixed for free cause i'm the drive thru girl....hehe...anyway...i'm trying to save some money so i can get out of here as fast as i can......maybe we should find a rave some where and make a 4 day trip.......but i need a car first...anyway....miss ya.......
BAHADES Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2005  Professional Photographer
This is a nice work... but Eyes would be better if you had choosed some other colors.. I dunno.... but anyway... the other parts are really great... :clap: :clap: and you know what ---> :clap: hehehehe
TaintedMadrox Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2005  Professional General Artist
lol i love your comments lol do you know what a juggalo is? lol
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